St-Paul Home goes custom!

Yes, we are and we can!


Our furniture comes in standard sizes. But already a while now we can make our tables, sofas and benches to your length and width specifications. We think it is fantastic to work with all creative people around the world to provide the option of a truly perfect fitting table or sofa in the projects they're working on.


But now, we go the extra mile! We go really custom! If you are an architect, interior designer, interior architect, shop or project designer, we can make your unique designs in solid european oak. We already worked with architects around the world to custom produce tables, cupboards, sofas and so on for their projects, in genuine St-Paul Home tradition. Send us your designs or Autocad(c) drawings and our interior architect and craftsmen will make it happen! Remember, we only do solid european oak, handmade in real honour of belgian craftmanship!